Spyderco Sage – C123

Model Name: Sage
Model Reference: C123
Designer: Sal Glesser, Blackie Collins, Al Mar
MSRP: $179.95 (CF), $265.95 (Ti), $199.95 (Bolt Action)
Description: The Spyderco Sage is a folder that is supposed to be a tribute to different locking methods from different makers over time. As of this writing, there are only two versions available, a Titanium Frame Lock and Carbon Fiber Liner Lock version available. The Knife is made in Taiwan using US-made CPM-S30V Steel.

The Third Generation of the Sage introduces a newly designed Bolt-Action Lock by Blackie Collins. This is a significant improvement over previous models and allows super-smooth opening and spydie drops as well as a solid Steel Locking Mechanism.

The Forth Generation Sage was introduced in early 2012 and features a change in lock type again to a mid-lock designed by the late Al Mar. This knife features a lock designed by Mar and McBurnette and beautiful Arizona Ironwood handles.

Blade Length: 3″
Closed Length: 4 3/16″, 4 5/16″ (Bolt)
Overall Length: 7 1/8″, 7 1/4″ (Bolt)
Weight: 3.2oz (CF), 3.5oz (Ti & Bolt)

Blade Material: CPM-S30V
Blade Finish: Satin Finish
Blade Grind: Full Flat
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber, Titanium
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock, Frame Lock, Bolt Action Lock

Years Produced: 2008-Current
Manufacture Location: Taiwan

C123CFP – Plain Edge, Carbon Fiber, Liner Lock
C123TIP – Plain Edge, Titanium, Frame Lock
C123GPBL – Plain Edge, Blue G-10, Bolt Action Lock
C123WDP – Plain Edge, Ti Bolsters, Ironwood Handle
C123CFBAP – Plain Edge, Bolt Action CF/Lam

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