Spyderco Michael Walker – C22


Model Name: Michael Walker
Model Reference: C22
Designer: Michael Walker
MSRP: $299.95 (1994), $455.95 (1999), $64.95 (FRN), $179.95 (2010)
Description: This is the first knife designed for Spyderco by the famous knifemaker Michael Walker, inventor of the liner lock. This unique Spyderco has the disctinction of being Swiss Made, in the same factory that produces the very well-made Klotzli Knives, of which many are also designed by Michael Walker. This knife came in three different handle versions, with the non Carbon Fiber later versions all made in Seki City Japan. FRN Versions have been marketed as both the C22 and the C37.

2010 sees the introduction of a new sprint run in Carbon Fiber and ZDP-189 Steel.

Blade Length: 2 1/2″
Closed Length: 3 5/16″ (CF), 3 5/8″ (FRN, Al)
Overall Length: 5 7/8″ (CF), 6 1/8″ (FRN, Al)
Weight: 1.5oz (CF), 1.6oz (FRN, Al), 1.95oz (2010 CF)

Blade Material: ATS-34 (CF), AUS-8/VG-10 (FRN, Al), ZDP-189 (2010 CF)
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Grind: Hollow Grind
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, FRN
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock

Years Produced: 1994, 2000, 2005, 2010
Manufacture Location: Switzerland (Carbon Fiber), Seki City Japan (All Others)

C22 – Plain and Combo Edge, ATS-34
C22PBK – Plain Edge, AUS-8
C22PSBK – Partially Serrated, AUS-8
C22P (CX06) – Plain Edge, AUS-8
C22PS (CX06) – Partially Serrated, AUS-8
C22BLP – Plain Edge, Blue Almite, VG-10

9 Responses to “Spyderco Michael Walker – C22”

  1. barry tom Says:

    Spyderco Michael Walker – C22 C22 – Plain and Combo Edge, ATS-34

    Any idea where I might find one of these for purchase?



  2. spyderco source Says:

    Hey Barry, The C22 is one of the rarest of the Spydercos.. I have only seen one offered for sale twice in my life, though I’m sure they have popped up more often than that. I really don’t know where you’d look, but posting a WTB ad on bladeforums is a good first place to try.

  3. cmblake6 Says:

    Oooo, that is very nice indeed! Why do you not do another run of that model? Rest assured, it would undoubtedly sell well! Not to mention, it would not harm the collector value of the early ones. New H-Ds cost around, let’s use $15,000. A 1969 H-D will run twice that.

  4. thorn Says:

    There’s 1 on ebay right now referencing this link.

  5. dave Says:

    C22CF sprint run!

    looks like this run follows the FRN/Al release specs pretty close, but with carbon fiber handle and ZDP-189 blade steel!!

    specs below copy and pasted from spyderco’s page (changes denoted with **):

    length overall 6 3/16 in. (157 mm)
    blade length 2 5/8 in. (67 mm)
    **blade steel ZDP-189
    length closed 3 5/8 in. (92 mm)
    cutting edge 2 3/8 in. (60 mm)
    **weight 1.95 oz. (55 g)
    hole diameter 15/32 in. (12 mm)
    blade thickness 3/32 in. (2.5 mm)
    **handle material Carbon Fiber

  6. spyderco source Says:

    Thanks again Dave! I have added the new info.

  7. Jordon Depew Says:

    Well, I guess this would be the place to post this, as I dont know where else to! Lol Anyway, I have recently aquired one of these knives, and I didnt know at all what I had until I messaged the Spyderco page on facebook. They thought it was a CX06? It has black handles, plain edge, and appears to have never been used. Its an older model for sure, but wow the lock-up is better than any folder I have ever held. Is there a market for these, and where is the best place to advertise it, besides Ebay. Thanks and Im now a Spyderco fan for life! This is the first I have ever owned, but I might try to get rid of it and get a Spyderco fixed blade or two!

  8. spyderco source Says:

    Ebay is your best bet for Primo Cashola. If you want you can also try any of the forums like USN or Bladeforums or Jerzeedevil.

  9. Adde Stensfors Says:

    I have one and it’s for sale

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