Spyderco Co-Pilot C09


Model Name: Co-Pilot
Model Reference: C09
Designer: Sal Glesser
MSRP: $64.95 (1994)
Description: The Co-Pilot was designed as a 2″ bladed folding knife that could be taken on Airplanes prior to the full ban on bladed items on aircraft. The clip was also marketed as a possible money clip.

Blade Length: 2″
Closed Length: 3″
Overall Length: 5″
Weight: 2.5oz

Blade Material: GIN-1, ATS-55
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Locking Mechanism: Lock Back

Years Produced: 1987-2001
Manufacture Location: Seki-City, Japan

C09P – Plain Edge
C09S – Spyderedge
C09SATU – Spyderedge, Tuffram Aluminum Handles, GIN-1, 1994, $82.95
C09BKP – Plain Edge, Black Almite Aluminum Handles, VG-10, 2006, $94.95

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