Spydero Bob Lum Tanto – C46


Model Name: Bob Lum Tanto
Model Reference: C46
Designer: Bob Lum
MSRP: $165.95 (Satin), $174.95 (Black Blade)
Description: The Spyderco Bob Lum was one of the most popular Spyderco Collaborations ever made, and is in very high demand still today. The knife featured high-end Titanium handles initially, and then followed with G-10 models, and had a unique hollow ground main edge with an appleseed grind on the peircing tip. The unique thing about the Bob Lum Tanto tip is that it wasn’t sharp. It came to a point but was not taken to a sharpened edge. The Plain Edge Titanium model is the most desirable version.

Blade Length: 3 13/16″
Closed Length: 5″
Overall Length: 8 3/4″
Weight: 5.1oz

Blade Material: ATS-55, VG-10
Blade Finish: Satin Finish
Blade Grind: Hollow Ground and Appleseed Grind Tip
Handle Material: Titanium, G-10
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock

Years Produced: 1998-2003
Manufacture Location: Seki-City Japan

C46PTI – Titanium, Plain Edge
C46PSTI – Titanium, Combo Edge
C46GPBK – Black G-10, Plain Edge
C46GPSBK – Black G-10, Combo Edge

4 Responses to “Spydero Bob Lum Tanto – C46”

  1. chance ogden Says:

    Howdy. Where can a guy get a a Spyderco tanto by. Mr. Lump if they are discontinued?

  2. spyderco source Says:

    Hi, you could always check ebay.

  3. David Gray Says:

    Oops. I found one of these in a car I bought at auction. The formerly “not sharp” tip is now very sharp. Easily sharpened with a diamond hone. Did that hurt the value? Also, mine is g-10 handle/ATS55 partially serrated. All I have seen on the web have been plain edge.

  4. spyderco source Says:

    Plain edge is generally always worth more for collectors. Sharpening the original appleseed gound tip would definately hurt the value of the knife, but you could still get a decent price for it.

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