Spyderco Pingo – C163

Spyderco Pingo FRN

Spyderco Pingo Titanium

Model Name: Pingo
Model Reference: C163
Designer: Jens Anso & Jesper Voxnæs (Vox)
MSRP: $79.975
Description: The new Pingo slipit from Spyderco is a joint design by two fantastic Danish knifemakers: Vox and Anos. The knife is designed as a carry knife for Danes as their laws prohibit both locking knives and one-handed openers.

Blade Length: 2.35″
Closed Length: 3.45″
Overall Length: 5.80″
Weight: 1.9oz, 2.9oz (Ti Version)

Blade Material: N690Co, ELMAX (Ti Version)
Blade Finish: Satin Finish
Blade Grind: Full Flat Grind
Handle Material: FRN
Locking Mechanism: Slipjoint

Years Produced: 2012-Current
Manufacture Location: Italy

C163PBK – Plain Edge, Black FRN
C163TIP – Plain Edge, Titanium

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