Spyderco Mule Team CPM-S90V – MT03

Model Name: Mule Team 3
Model Reference: MT03
Designer: Sal Glesser
MSRP: $69.95 (Factory Seconds $64.95)
Description: Approximately 600 pieces were produced in CPM-S90V Steel. For more information on the MULE Team see the Spydie Wiki.

Blade Length: 3 5/16″
Overall Length: 7 5/8″
Weight: 2.7oz

Blade Material: CPM-S90V Steel
Blade Finish: Satin Finish
Blade Grind: Full Flat Grind
Handle Material: Skeletonized Metal

Produced: February 2009
Manufacture Location: Golden, Colorado USA

MT03P – Plain Edge
MT3ND – Factory Second

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